We travelled to the rich soils of the rural eastern slopes of the Andes, overlooking the central Peruvian jungle to bring you this premium single origin grown by The Silvestre Association of Agricultural Producers of the Central Selva.

The beans are nurtured by the cool shade of the region’s abundant trees, the Andes’ stream water, and the high altitude, which creates the ideal coffee growing climate. Peru single origin is a world-class quality coffee that deserves to be savoured.

Fairtrade is a global organisation working to secure improved trade conditions for farmers and workers. This gives producers the opportunity to improve their lives and plan their future.

Fairtrade, therefore, offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through everyday purchases.

Fairtrade also assists with the following:

  • investment in improving farming techniques and increasing productivity
  • purchasing of organic fertilisers
  • extension services for farmers: training in conservation of soil, rivers, and wild life
  • sustainable management of pests
  • sustainable waste management systems
  • rehabilitation of roads used in the transport of coffee
  • funding of coffee nurseries
  • education programmes designed to empower women


When discussing ethical practice in our coffee procurement, it was Fairtrade that eventually won our consensus. Our Fairtrade coffee is carefully selected among the best, organic African beans and we expect it will deliver incredible value to both our customers and the producers in Uganda.